Webinar Series | Webinar #1: Calculating Multiple Impacts in Europe

This webinar was the first in a series of five webinars on the Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency, scheduled over the coming five months. Each webinar will take place on the first Thursday of the month.


Thu, 02.03.2023

During the webinar, Fraunhofer ISI's Wolfgang Eichhammer and E3-Modelling's Alessia De Vita discussed the importance of the MICATool and how it can help bridge the energy efficiency gap. Our speakers also provided an overview of the project's methodology, explore the MICATool's political relevance and applicability  for different levels, with a special emphasis on national and EU levels. 

Who attended and why?
Policy makers, research institutions, EU-funded projects and other national or international stakeholders who are interested in understanding the multiple impacts that energy efficiency can have within Europe had joined.

Key topics
• The functions of the MICATool
• Multiple Impacts for Energy Efficiency framework
• Impact for local, national, and EU levels
• A focus on policy (NECPs, EED, EPBD, REPowerEU, SECAPs)

Moderator: Diedert Debusscher (European Copper Institute)

Watch the recording here

Download the presentation here

MICAT Webinar 1
MICAT Webinar 1
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