Fraunhofer ISI is a German-based research institute with a broad set of customers ranging from national and international governments to companies. The main area of work is delivering applied research for policy design. As a co-leader of ODYSSEE-MURE (which includes the MB:EE tool), Fraunhofer ISI has expertise in policies in EU Member States and evaluation practices. Accordingly, Fraunhofer ISI coordinates the project and is involved in the development and assessment of the MICATool.

Main contacts: brbrschlmnnsfrnhfrd &frdrcbrgrsfrnhfrd 

IEECP (Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy) is a research and advice institute that brings together a number of high-level experts in energy policy formulation and evaluation. IEECP has coordinated several European projects on energy efficiency and is also very active in European networks regarding energy efficiency and evaluation, such as IEPPEC and ECEEE. In MICAT, IEECP coordinates stakeholder engagement and communication and dissemination activities.

Main contact: glcprg

The Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy is a research institute and think tank for sustainable development which undertakes research and develops models, strategies and instruments for transitions to sustainable development at the local, national and international level. Among others, Wuppertal has a long record of leading and participating in European projects in the energy field, focused on social, economic, and technical analysis of policies and measures fostering energy efficiency and renewable energies. Wuppertal has coordinated the COMBI project, which aimed at quantifying the multiple non-energy benefits of energy efficiency in Europe and the development of an online-tool. In MICAT, Wuppertal is in charge of the project’s conceptual framework and plays a major role in it’s impact assessment and MICATool development.

Main contact: flxsrkmprwpprnstrg

WiseEuropa is an independent think-tank and research organisation that undertakes a strategic reflection on European politics, foreign policy, economics and environmental issues. WiseEuropa’s research experience in the fields of national, European and global economic and institutional policies, public policy and governance and innovation as well as energy, climate and environmental policies, allows the Institute to offer analytical, consulting and communication services on cross-cutting policy issues. WiseEuropa has also participated in both Horizon 2020 and FP7 energy-relevant policy projects. They conduct policy assessments and analytical studies related to energy transition and low-emission development for the Polish ministries. In MICAT, they are involved in communication and dissemination as well as stakeholder engagement activities.

Main contact: krlnszyllrws-rp

E3-Modelling is a private capital and knowledge-intensive consulting company specialised in delivering consulting services based on large-scale empirical modelling of the economy-energy-environment nexus. They have experience with renowned milestones, such as the models PRIMES and GEM-E3, and support major impact assessment studies and scenario building for the European Commission. Their modelling and consulting services have also served numerous studies for European governments, professional associations, and large-scale companies in the energy field. E3-Modelling is co-developing the MICATool for estimating the multiple impacts of energy efficiency and provides the indicators for monitoring the economic and energy system impacts of energy efficiency policies, including on low income households.

Main contact: dvt3mdllngcm

IIASA (Internationale Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) is an independent, international research institute with National Member Organizations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Through its research programs and initiatives, the institute conducts policy-oriented research into issues that are too large or complex to be solved by a single country or academic discipline. The results of IIASA’s research and expertise are made available to policymakers in countries around the world to help them produce effective, science-based policies that will enable them to face these challenges. IIASA’s role in MICAT is centred on the framework development of the empirical basis of the project’s environmental impacts.

Main contact: wgnrfsct

ICLEI is the world’s leading association of cities and local governments dedicated to sustainable development. It promotes local action for global sustainability and supports cities to become sustainable, resilient, circular, biodiverse, and low-carbon as they pursue an inclusive green urban economy. ICLEI Europe helps connect and strengthen the capacity of over 160 local governments and their citizens in Europe to identify and implement transformative, integrated solutions and act rapidly by providing city leaders with advanced knowledge, training, and support. ICLEI also has demonstrated creativity and excellence in developing innovative methods and tools for cities as an end-user, and acts as a Knowledge Broker for research-practice. ICLEI’s principal role in MICAT relates to stakeholder engagement, leading the local level stakeholder engagement process in the MICATool Pilot Cities, and crafting policy recommendations. ICLEI is also involved in communications and dissemination activities.

Main contact: nklsmschkwskclrg

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